Vegan Pesto Sauce

Multi purpose sauce. Can be used for pasta , sandwich spread or simple as a dip

This Recipe is free from :




☒tree nuts








Basil leaves - washed and roughly chopped  - 2 cups

Sunflower seeds - ½ cup - The reason I took sunflower seeds is to avoid the tree nuts allergies that we have. If you are ok you can also take pine nuts or walnuts.

Garlic cloves - 3

Vegan Parmesan cheese  - ¾ cup

Olive oil - ½ cup

Salt to taste

Pepper - crushed to taste.

pesto sauce.JPG
pesto ing.JPG


  1. Just warm the sunflower seeds for a minute or two on a skillet.

  2. Add them to grinder and grind into a fine powder.

  3. Next add garlic cloves and grind them together.

  4. Next add basil leaves , salt and pepper to taste and grind them.

  5. At the end add vegan cheese and olive and pulse the mixture slightly coarse paste.

Your vegan Pesto sauce is ready . Enjoy it with pasta , use it as a spread for sandwich or just as a dip.

To store the pesto sauce , transfer it to a container with airtight lid , add olive oil on top to cover the sauce . Remains good for a week in refrigerator.