Vegan Olya Naral Karanji Recipe | Fresh coconut dumplings

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Vegan Free Olya Naral Karanji Recipe

Indulge in the delightful flavors of India with our Vegan Olya Naral Karani, a traditional treat that’s not only delicious but also free from common allergens. This exquisite recipe brings together the rich, tropical taste of freshly grated coconut with the sweetness of jaggery, all wrapped in a crispy, vegan-friendly dough. Perfect for those with dietary restrictions, this allergen-free delight excludes peanuts, tree nuts, dairy, soy, eggs, and more. So, whether you’re a vegan food enthusiast or simply seeking a unique and allergy-safe dessert, our Vegan Olya Naral Karani is a must-try delicacy.

This Recipe is  free from :


tree nuts








Warning – Contains Coconut

Ingredients –

Stuffing –

  1. freshly grated coconut – 1 and ½ cups
  2.  Jaggery – grated – ¾ cups
  3.  sugar – ¼  cup
  4. Salt – ¼ Tsp
  5.  cardamom powder – ½  tsp

Method Stuffing – 

  1. Mix the coconut , jaggery , sugar , salt  and mix well. Cook the mixture on medium flame till it starts leaving the sides dry.
  2.  Add cardamom powder and mix well.

Covering –

  1. All purpose flour / Maida – ½ cup
  2. Wheat Flour – ½ cup
  3.  Vegetable oil – 2 TBSP
  4.  Salt to taste
  5.  Water

Method Covering- 

  1. Add maida , whole wheat flour,salt and oil  . Mix the ingredients well, till you get a texture like bread crumbs. And the dough holds the form together.
  2. Add a little water at a time to the mixture and knead a soft dough like chapati dough. Cover and let the dough rest for 30-40 minutes.

Method Karanji – 

  1. Divide the dough into 3 parts. Roll each part in a big chapati not too thin. Place one chapatti and spread some vegan ghee or unsalted butter . Dust with all purpose flour. Place 2nd chapatti on top of it and repeat the process.
  2. Now lift up one side and start rolling it to make a tight roll. Use cornflour so that your hands and the dough doesn’t stick to the base / board. With your hands slowly roll this “roll” on the board lengthening it as you do so. Don’t roll it back and forth. Go in one direction only. It should stretch out to almost double its length.
  3. With a sharp knife cut around 1 inch pieces. Separate each piece . place them vertical and press lightly. Make sure you keep all the dough covered with a moist cloth at all times.
  4.  Take piece of dough. to form a circle. Roll from the center to the edges, not back and forth. Do not flip while rolling .
  5. Fold disc into half. Fill in the stuffing. Brush the edges with water and seal them together. This way, prepare all karanji’s.
  6. Heat oil in kadai for deep frying. Once hot , deep fry all karanji to a nice golden brown color.
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