Vegan Mango Mastani

This recipe is free from following top allergens,




☒tree nuts








Mango Mastani.jpeg

Ingredients – 


  1. Mango pulp – ½ cup

  2. Mango Ice-cream or Vanilla Ice-cream – 3 scoops 

  3. Almond Milk or for nut free version use coconut milk, soymilk or any other non-dairy milk – 1 cup

  4. Fresh cut mango pieces – 2 TBSP

  5. Charoli – ¼ Tsp

  6. Pumpkin seeds – finely chopped – ¼ Tsp

  7. Tutti fruity – 1 TBSP

  8. Vegan (plant based)  whipped cream – 1 TBSP

Method – 

  1. In a blender pot, add 2 scoops of ice-cream and mango pulp. Blend it into a smooth paste. Add 1 cup milk of your preference and again blend it into a thick milkshake.

  2. In a tall glass or a wine glass at bottom lay a generous layer of freshly cut mangoes. Pour the milkshake on top. Add 1 scoop of ice-cream to the glass. 

  3. Garnish with a generous amount of charoli, pumpkin seeds and Tutti fruity. (If you can do nuts, add finely chopped almonds and cashew nuts.).  Add 1 TBSP vegan (plant based) whipped cream and then finally a cherry on top. Your own Mango mastani is ready.