Vegan Mac And Cheese Macaroni

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Vegan Mac And Cheese Macaroni Recipe

Welcome to our vegan kitchen, where we turn classic comfort foods into guilt-free delights! Today, we invite you to dive into a bowl of creamy indulgence with our Vegan Mac n Cheese Macaroni. This plant-based twist on a beloved dish brings you all the cheesy goodness you crave, without any animal products. With perfectly cooked macaroni enveloped in a velvety, dairy-free cheese sauce, every bite will transport you to a world of comfort and satisfaction. So, grab a fork and get ready to savor the irresistible flavors of our vegan mac n cheese macaroni!

This Recipe is free from :


☒tree nuts









  1. Macaroni – 1 cup – for gluten free use gluten free version that you get in the market.
  2. Water  – 3 cups
  3. Non dairy milk – 1 cup
  4. Onion – 1 finely chopped
  5. Garlic – 1 TBSP – finely chopped
  6. Green capsicum – ¼ cup – finely chopped
  7. Yellow capsicum – ¼ cup – finely chopped
  8. Red capsicum – ¼ cup – finely chopped
  9. Olive oil –  2 TBSP 
  10. All purpose flour – 1 TBSP
  11. Chili flakes – 2 Tsp
  12. Dried basil – 1 Tsp
  13. Dried Oregano -1 Tsp
  14. Dried Thyme – 1 Tsp
  15. Black Pepper powder – 1 Tsp
  16. Non dairy mozzarella cheese – ½ cup 
  17. Salt to taste

Method For Preparing Vegan Mac And Cheese Macaroni –

  1. In a saucepan add 3 cups of water, ½ Tsp salt, and 1 cup of macaroni. 
  2. Cook on medium heat till the macaroni gets cooked. 
  3. Do not overcook else the pasta will get all lumpy and lose its texture.
  4. Drain the excess water and keep it aside for later use.
  5. Heat a saucepan on medium heat.
  6. Add 1 TBSP of olive oil, chopped onion, and finely chopped garlic. Saute till the onions turn translucent.
  7. Now add green, yellow, and red capsicum. 
  8. Mix all of them well and saute for 2-3 minutes.
  9. Add salt to taste, 1 Tsp Chili flakes, ½ Tsp of each: dried basil, oregano, thyme, freshly ground black pepper.
  10. And give it a nice mix.
  11. At this stage add cooked Macaroni and mix it well. 
  12. Switch off the gas and save it for later use.
  13. Again take another pan and heat on medium flame.
  14.  Add 1 TBSP of olive oil.
  15. Add all-purpose flour. For gluten-free substitute with white corn flour. 
  16. Mix it well with oil to get a lump-free sauce base and saute for a minute.
  17. Include non-dairy milk and whisk it with the sauce base to get a lump-free sauce.
  18.  cook slowly on a low flame.
  19. Add salt as required, 1 Tsp chili flakes, ½ Tsp of each: dried basil, oregano, thyme, freshly ground black pepper.
  20. Give it a nice mix.
  21. You can see that a  thick, creamy sauce is ready.
  22. Now we will add the cooked macaroni and vegetables which we have kept aside.
  23. Mix them nicely. 
  24. Put non-dairy mozzarella cheese. 
  25. Mix them well, till the cheese starts to melt.
  26. It’s ready to eat.
  27. Use the bowl of your choosing to serve it

As we reach the end of our flavorful journey, we hope our Vegan Mac n Cheese Macaroni has brought you warmth, nostalgia, and a newfound appreciation for plant-based cuisine. With its creamy texture, delightful cheesy flavor, and the knowledge that it is cruelty-free and better for the planet, this dish truly captures the essence of comfort food with a compassionate twist. So, indulge in this guilt-free pleasure, share it with your loved ones, and let the joy of vegan cooking inspire you to explore more delicious creations. From our kitchen to yours, enjoy every scrumptious spoonful of our Vegan Mac n Cheese Macaroni.

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