Vegan / Coconut Shrikhand

This experiment had been on my list for quite some time.  Just did not try out  for no reason. It turn out pretty well. Want to experiment more with different Yogurt base (almond milk ,  soy milk etc) and flavor. Will update if I get to this , for now the basic recipe.






Coconut Yogurt/Cultured Coconut Milk   -  1 small pack (6 Oz)

Sugar   -  1/4 Cup

cardamom powder - Pinch

Charoli  - 1 TBSP

Garnishing -  Kesar 



1.   To prepare hung yogurt (yogurt drained of all its water).Tie the coconut milk yogurt in a cotton / mulmul cloth  (Cotton Handkerchief also works) and leave it hanging overnight.

2.  Stir the hung yogurt nicely with a spoon till there are no crumbs.

3. Add Sugar and mix well till sugar melts and mixes well with yogurt.

4. Add cardamom powder , charoli and stir well. 

5. Garnish with Kesar strands and serve.