Vegan Besan Laddoo

A traditional recipe, perfect yummy snacks. Healthy on body and minds.  



Besan / Chickpea flour -  3 cups.

Powdered sugar - 3 cups.

vegetable oil - 1 cup

caramom powder - 1 Tsp

Almond or any non-dairy milk - 1 cup

raisins - 1 TBSP


1. To wok add vegetable oil. Warm it up. 

2. Add besan / chickpea flour. Saute on low flame till it turns golden brown and releases nutty flavor.

3. Add the almond or non-dairy milk and mix well. Make sure there are no lumps.

4. Let the mixture cool down. Once warm add sugar , caramom powder , raisins. Mix well.

5. Make into small or medium size balls . Optionally garnish with your choice almond or cashew nut .