Vada Pav

King of Mumbai street food. This spicy dish is also known as "Indian Burger" or "Bombay Burger". The deep fried potato dumpling , accompanied by spicy garlic chutney and sweet and sour tamrind-date chutney , gives a perfect street food combination.


Potato - 6-7 - boiled and pealed

Onion - finely chopped - 1

ginger -garlic-chilli paste - 1 TBSP

lemon juice - 1 TSP

finely chopped cilantro

salt to taste

Besan - 1 cup

rice flour - 2 TBSP

red chilli powder - 1/4 TSP

ajwain - 1 TBSP

salt to taste

Oil for deep frying.

vada pav.jpeg


1. Boil the potatoes , peal and smash them using a potato masher.

2. Mix onion , cliantro , ginger-garlic-chilli paste , lemon juice , salt in potato. Mix well and make lemon size dumplings.

3. Mix besan , rice flour , red chilli powder , ajwain , salt and water to adjust consistency. Make the batter of idli batter consistency.

4. Heat oil. Deep the potato dumpling in the besan batter. coat the dumpling with batter completely. Deep fry the coated dumplings till they get a nice golder brown color.

5. To plate , take a piece or dinner roll or hamburger bun. On one side apply tamrind-date chutney and on other side apply garlic chutney. Place the potato or vada in between two slices. Serve Hot.