Tikhat Mith Puri / Spicy Puri

A favorite after school snack . Has a good shelf life , thus making it an excellent snack for travel.

This Recipe is free from :




☒tree nuts









  1. Wheat flour - 2 cups

  2. Besan / Chickpea flour - 1 TBSP

  3. Red chili powder - 1 TSP

  4. Coriander powder - 1 TBSP

  5. Cumin seeds - ½ Tsp

  6. Ajwain powder - ½ Tsp

  7. Sesame seeds - 1 TSP

  8. Kasuri Methi - 1 TSP

  9. Turmeric powder - ½ TSP

  10. Salt to taste

  11. 3/4 cup Water

  12. Oil for frying

tikhat mith puri.jpg

Method - 


  1. In a bowl, take wheat flour.

  2. Add besan, red chili powder, coriander powder, Cumin seeds and ajwain powder, sesame seeds, turmeric powder , kasuri methi and salt. Mix the dry spices well with flour.

  3. Add a little water at a time and knead thick dough of it. Don’t add much water at a time.

  4. Grease the dough with a little oil and transfer the dough into a bowl.

  5. Cover and give it a standing time of 30-45 minutes.

  6. After about an hour, take the dough out and knead once more.

  7. You can make small balls and roll them into  puris. Do not make too thin or thick , medium thickness puris.

  8. Until you roll the puris, heat up oil in a pan for frying.

  9. When puris are ready to transfer them into a dish.

  10. When oil is hot enough, lower the heat to low.

  11. Drop one puri into hot oil. After dropping, press it a little with a ladle.

  12. When fried well from one side, flip over and fry from another side as well.

  13. Remove the puri from hot oil, drain excess oil and put it on a tissue paper.

  14. You can make 24-25 medium size puris from 2 cups wheat flour.