Shahi Tukda

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For Rabdi

1. Soy MIlk - 4 cups

2. Sugar - 1  cup

3 Saffron -  1 pinch

For Tukda

1. Bread slices -  4

2. Vegan Butter or Vegetable oil -  1 TBSP

For Sugar syrup

1. Sugar - 1/4 cup

2. Water - 1/4 cup

Method this 

Rabdi -

Insta Pot -

1. Start Insta pot on Saute mode. Add soy milk and Kesar  and bring it to nice boil.

2. Switch Insta pot to slow cook mode. CLose lid and cook for 4 hours.

3. Open the pot and start on saute mode. If you want more thick rabdi continue to boil . Add sugar. Mix well.

For Pan - 

1. Heat a pan on medium flame. Add Soy milk and Kesar and bring it to nice boil. Lower the flame and simmer till you get a nice thick consistency. Keep stirring frequently to make sure milk does not stick to bottom. Add sugar and mix well.

For Sugar syrup.

1. Mix water and sugar. MIx well . Keep to boil on medium flame. Keep stirring till sugar melts. Lower the flame and simmer for anoter 7-8 minutes. 

For Tukda


1. Cut the sides of the bread. Cut the bread in half in triangular shape.

2. On a pan heat the vegan butter or oil on medium flame. Once hot Add bread. Fry the bread till it gets nice golden brown color.

3. Soak the warm bread in sugar syrup . Remove and keep aside.

For plating. 

Add some rabdi and place the sugar syrup soaked bread tukda . Pour another layer of rabbdi on top. Optionally Garnish with sliced almonds.