Rice Chakali

A nice twist from the regular chakali. Makes an excellent snack option.

This Recipe is free from :




☒tree nuts








Ingredients - 

  1.  Rice Flour - 2 cups

  2.  Water - 2 cups

  3. Carom seeds / Ajwain - 1 TBSP

  4. Cumin seeds - 1 TBSP

  5. Red Chilli powder - 1 TBSP

  6. Turmeric powder -  1 Tsp

  7. Coriander powder - 1 TSP

  8. Salt to taste


Method - 

  1. In a pot take  rice flour,  add  cumin and ajwain, coriander powder, red chilli powder, turmeric powder, sesame seeds (optional - 1 TBSP), salt to taste and mix all dry ingredients together.

  2. Add hot boiling water and start to knead the dough.

  3. The consistency of the dough should be like regular chapati dough. Sprinkle with oil and cover and let it sit for 30 mts.

  4. Deep hand in cold water, take big enough ball from the dough and add in to chakali maker and make chakali in to desired shape.

  5. Deep fry chakalis till it gets light brown color from both sides.