Why People In Rich Countries Are Eating More Vegan Food

Updated: Aug 24

It is safe to say that veganism has made its way to every corner of the world. It is alive, thriving, and booming. Veganism entails eating plant-based products and eliminating all animal-based, dairy, and meat products. More and more people are inclining towards veganism. There are many reasons. It is good for the environment, our health, and the animals.

Everyone has a reason for turning vegan. Some choose it to keep up with the trends, some follow it because their favorite celebrities are on a vegan diet, or some are out of genuine attachment to animals and the environment. Whatever the reason, the number of people turning vegan is increasing by the day. It all depends on the country you are living in.

In comparatively less rich countries, people do not seem to be welcoming this trend with open arms. On the other hand, it was noticed that the richer they get, the more meat they start to consume. For example, the average Chinese used to consume 14 kg of meat a year, and now it has risen to about 55 kg a year. It is not being implied here that the consumption of meat has seen a drop in richer countries, it is just that it is not increasing at the rate that it used to.

In richer countries, due to the influence of celebrities and other economical and political factors, people are more on the vegan side. People in these countries are divided into three categories - vegetarians, vegans, and flexitarians. The rise in the number of flexitarians has given rise to the number of vegans in these countries. These people keep going back and forth between being omnivorous and vegan. Many big fast-food chains are bringing out new vegan dishes on their menus, such as vegan burgers and whatnot.

In addition, becoming has a lot to do with money. Vegan products are not inexpensive. Yes, there are alternatives available for everything, but they are not necessarily reasonably priced. It can be difficult for some people to keep up with the plant-based diet, as there are ample dietary restrictions that need constant overlooking. The other reason why people in rich countries are eating more vegan food is that they are more concerned about their health and can probably afford to eat better, thereby eating more vegan food.

Veganism is no joke, and it can truly be hard to keep up with a diet that has so many restrictions. This has given rise to casual vegans too.

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