Is Cooking an Underestimated Skill?

Updated: Aug 24

When you act well, people appreciate it! When you sing exceptionally well, people consider you a good artist. When you dance gracefully, people may suggest you participate in dance shows! But in many cases, what happens to these appreciations when someone, especially a woman, cooks well?

Many consider cooking a fundamental need and not necessarily a talent. Yes. You should have basic cooking skills to survive on your own. But there’s something called culinary skills, and it is something that deserves appreciation as well! It goes beyond the basics and establishes the individual as an equally deserving artist.

How? A painting lures your eyes and mind. A well-sung song delights your ears. But a sumptuous, aromatic, and tasty delicacy tempts your eyes, tongue, and mind and, most importantly, connects with your soul.

Besides, good chefs take care of everyone’s taste, food preferences, and suitability. It isn’t as straightforward as it may seem. It really takes a lot of skill, intelligence, understanding of food, and talent to take care of diverse culinary preferences. Yes. It is those fingers that create the magic, and the person who makes the magic undoubtedly deserves appreciation.

Many don’t acknowledge cooking as an art. But some people go a step ahead and underestimate the talent of good chefs. Perhaps, they think it is common to cook delicious delicacies, and anyone can do it with a bit of training. But little do such people know that cooking is an art that requires as much attention, effort, skills, and talent as a song, a picture, and an act do.

Good if you respect good cooks and appreciate their culinary skills. But suppose you somehow think good cooking isn’t something as admirable as other talents are. In that case, you may want to revisit your thoughts and understand the efforts involved in cooking tasty food. You may end up changing your opinion!

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