Importance of Healthy Vegan Meals

Updated: Jul 19

Vegan meals benefit children in many ways. They help avoid many diseases, and health conditions in children once confined only to older adults.

Vegan meals can work wonders for a child's physical and emotional growth when planned well and consumed as per a doctor's recommendation. Besides, they can fulfill the child's nutritional requirements across various early life phases. If you're looking to let your child turn vegan, knowing these benefits might interest you!

Lowered Risk of Heart Diseases and Type 2 Diabetes

Shocking, but that's, unfortunately, the truth. Heart diseases and type 2 diabetes, once restricted only to older adults, have cut their way up to affect children as well. In many unfortunate cases, these conditions affect children from an early age. In many others, children suffer from them later in their life.

Vegan meals can help relieve the condition significantly. Research shows that children who follow vegan diets have lower cholesterol levels, reduced possibility of heart disease, and a lesser likelihood of heart diseases. Besides, vegan meals supplemented by vitamin B12 can help throughout every phase like infancy, childhood, and adolescence.

Increased Consumption of Healthy Fruits and Vegetables

Many children worldwide are found consuming aerated drinks and junk food. Several others consume an excess of saturated fat in meat and dairy products. In addition, about 90 percent of children consume very high quantities of sodium.

While these products may not immediately pose a health risk, they might prove to be villains later. It is precisely when the child, as an adult, will confront numerous health problems like obesity, increased blood sugar levels, hypertension, etc.

Going vegan helps considerably. It involves the consumption of healthy fruits, whole grains, vegetables, etc., that can protect the child from these diseases.

Lesser Risk of Type 2 Diabetes

We've talked about diabetes earlier. But the concern is way more significant and deserves a separate word. Diabetes was considered an above-40 condition until the end of the 20th century. However, in the early 21st century, it got promoted to affect younger adults, even children!

Unfortunately, today, many children worldwide have type 2 diabetes. In many cases, it is the routine lifestyle, and food consumed every day that lets the condition progress. Going vegan may help relieve the situation a bit. Plant-based diets considerably reduce the likelihood of type 2 diabetes directly and indirectly.

For instance, plant-based diets enhance agility. Thus, children don't feel lethargic. They remain active throughout the day. Healthy plant-based meals and increased physical activity can complement each other. They can promote better heart health, strengthen bones, reduce cholesterol levels, and control weight.

Note: The above are general benefits. To know the suitability of vegan meals, specifically in your child's case, consulting a doctor can help.

Remember, vegan meals are part of our ancestors' traditional dietary wisdom and professing. So, perhaps, it is time we go back to our roots and build a healthier generation. For exciting and sumptuous vegan recipes, write to me at

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