Pesto Pasta with garden veggies

My personal favorite as it gives nice break from traditional marinara or Alfredo based sauce.


Penne Pasta - 1 pack

Mix of Garden Veggies  of your choice like sweet corn kernel , green peas , finely cubed carrots  - 1 cup

Vegan Pesto Sauce - ½ cup (adjust to your taste) -


Olive oil - 1 TSP

Salt to taste.


  1. Cook the penne pasta as per instructions on the packet. Add 1 tsp salt while cooking pasta.

  2. In pan add olive oil. Once warm add the garden veggies and mix well.

  3. Add cooked pasta mix well.

  4. Add vegan pesto sauce as per your taste and mix well.

  5. If required add salt to taste . Keep in mind pesto sauce and pasta both have salt added.

  6. Mix well and serve hot.

Pesto garden pasta.JPG