Vegan Moong Dal Halwa

Start of winters and this one item starts appearing on the menu list everywhere. Enjoy this yummy recipe in a truly vegan and allergy friendly way. 




Moong Dal  -  1/2 cup - Soaked for 3-4 hours.

Sugar -  1/2 cup

Rava / Sooji-  1 TBSP

Besan  - 1 TBSP

Veg Oil - 1/2 cup

water - 1/2 cup

raisins -  1 Tbsp 

cut almond / pistachios /  cashewnuts - 1 TBSP - All optional

cardamom powder - 1 Tsp  

Kesar - 1/4 tsp​ - optional


1. In a saucepan add sugar and water. Mix well and keep it on medium flame to boil. Once water starts boiling and all the sugar is melted add cardamom powder and kesar. Boil for another 2-3 minutes. 

2. Grind the moong dal in paste.

3. In another sauce pan add Veg OIl. Let it warm up. Then add rava and besan. Saute till the besan gets nice brown and releases nutty flavor.

4. Add moong dal paste and saute on low flame till becomes nice golden brown color.  Initially dal absorbs all the oil.

5. Once the dal is done, till start releasing oil from sides, this is a point to all all the dry fruits , raisins that you wish. This will take good 30-40 minutes of saute.

6. Saute for another 5-10 minutes.

7. Add the sugar syrup and mix well till all syrup is absorb and halwa gets a nice moist but dry consistency.

Tip -  for this yummy recipe is to saute halwa on low flame.