This Recipe is free from :




☒tree nuts










For Dough - 


  1. Semolina - fine (Rava )  - 1 cup 

  2. All purpose flour / Maida - 2 TBSP

  3. salt - to taste

  4. Almond milk /  non-dairy milk  and water mix  -  1/2 cup

For Satta

  1. Vegan Ghee / Dalda - 2 TBSP

  2. Corn flour - 4 TBSP

Powdered Sugar . 

Method - 


For Dough -

1.Make a dough with the Semolina, and the milk and water. Can add a pinch of salt to taste.

2. Cover with a moist kitchen cloth and set this aside for 4-6 hours.


For satta - 

1. In a bowl get the vegan ghee. With a whisk attachment of a hand blender , whisk the ghee till you get a smooth texture and do not feel the grainy texture. 

2. To this softened ghee ( looks like softened butter), slowly add cornflour little by little till you get a soft paste. (Consistency of sour cream).

3. Keep aside under a moist kitchen towel.


For Chirote - 


1. Take a food processor with dough attachment. Take the dough , make small pieces , add 1 Tsp vegan ghee. Blend it for 3-4 minutes. Repeat this step for 3 times. Dough gets nice soft. Cover with a moist kitchen towel .

2. Divide the dough in 3 parts. Roll each one in a big chapati , not too thin.

3. With your finger push the dough down to make little troughs in the dough( not holes) close together.

4. Spread enough ‘satta to fill these dents and a thin layer over the dough.

5. Now lift up one side and start rolling it to make a tight roll. Use cornflour so that your hands and the dough doesn't stick to the base / board. With your hands slowly roll this “roll” on the board lengthening it as you do so. Don't roll it back and forth. Go in one direction only. It should stretch out to almost double its length. 

6. With a sharp knife cut around 1 inch pieces. Separate each piece . place them vertical and press lightly. 

7. Make sure you keep all the dough covered with a moist cloth at all times.

8. Roll out each small piece of dough. to form a circle. Roll from the center to the edges, not back and forth. Do not flip while rolling .

9. In a deep “kadai” or saucepan, heat up  vegan ghee ( be generous- if you are counting calories, this is not the dish for you). The vessel has to be deep so that the chirote  do not touch the bottom. Once the ghee is heated fry each one separately. Make sure they do not turn golden or brown and maintain white color.

10. Sprinkle a generous amount of powdered sugar on each piece . Dust off the extra.