Butternut Squash Paratha / Butternut Squash Tortilla

My goto dish for tiffin. Be it for lunchbox or pack a quick meal while going shopping or running errands. Makes a wholesome meal with combination of avocado and whole wheat flour.

This Recipe is free from :




☒tree nuts








butternut squash sweet paratha.jpeg



Butternut Squash  pieces - 1 Cup

Whole wheat flour - 1 - 2 cups

cooking oil -  2 TBSP

Jaggery - grated -  ¼ Cup

Cinnamon Powder - ½ Tsp

Cardamom Powder - ¼ Tsp

salt to taste


For the dough:


  1. Pressure cook butternut squash pieces for 3 whistles in a pressure cooker. Let the pressure release naturally.  

  2. Blend the cooked butternut squash  to a puree using a hand blender or a mixer.

  3. Add jaggery , cinnamon powder , cardamom powder , salt to taste and mix well .

  4. Add whole wheat flour little at a time . Knead into a soft dough. Only add flour required to make a soft dough. Do not add any water to dough. Rest it for 5-10 minutes.


For the Paratha:

  1. Take a lemon size ball of dough. Roll it into a circle of around 4 inches diameter.

  2. Spread some oil on dough circle and fold into half. Again spread some oil on the half dough circle and fold into half making a triangle shape.

  3. Dust some flour onto triangle and began to roll the folded triangle. Add some flour if required and roll it into a 6-7 inches diameter circle. Tip over her is to roll on the edges of the triangle which makes it into a circle.

  4. Dry roast the paratha on a griddle/skillet/non-stick pan on medium heat.

  5. Then flip and apply little oil or butter on both sides, and cook till both sides are golden brown and crisp.

  6. Sprinkle some powdered sugar and serve hot as a snack or lunch box menu.