Almond - Chocolate Modak

This Recipe is free from :




☐tree nuts








Ingredients -

  1. Sugar - ½ cup

  2. Water - ¼ cup

  3. Almond powder - 1 and ½ cup

  4. Chocolate / cocoa powder - 1 TBSP

Almond-Chocolate Modak.jpg

Method - 

  1. To make Sugar syrup , add water and sugar to pan and get it to a nice boil. Cook till you get a 1 string sugar syrup.

  2. Add almond powder to sugar syrup. MIx well and cook on low flame till the mixture comes together and solidifies.

  3. Let the mixture cool down .

  4. Divide the mixture in two parts. In one part add chocolate powder and mix well.

  5. Now take half portions each from the two parts. Roll nicely in a smooth ball shape. Mould it in modak shape using a modak mold.