Nimisha C.

Blogger, Mom, Taste-maker

    My tryst with cooking began when we got to know about food allergies for our son. Taken aback with the shock and restrictions that his diet had and also worried about nutrition , I started searching internet for different recipe options. My taste and likes also had a restriction, been brought up in traditional Marathi household with a vegetarian diet, I loved that food. But, many times had to give up on my favorites as they did not fit in my sons diet restrictions.


    There are quite some blogs/channels/books which refer to Vegan cooking. But, somehow they just

    Did not connect. There is a difference between cooking vegan options just by using substitutes and cooking  for a child with food allergies . Many times the vegan substitutes just don’t work. For example cannot use vegan egg-nog as a substitute for eggs, as they also are derived from nuts (cashew nuts). There were/are too many restrictions.


    I started experimenting , some recipes did turn out good and some still a challenge. The one which did turn out good , I started putting them down in a notebook.  After sometime , millennial in me was not happy the way I was restricting my findings to myself. Wanted to share it with other mom's out there facing same challenge.


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